Please note: We are on sabbatical / holiday from
June 01, 2014 – August 30, 2014.  We apologize for any inconvenience and look ward to serving you.

Zen Meditation & Qi Gong 7 Heavenly Postures 

Sunday : 10:00 am - 11:20 am

Tai Chi for Health 

Sunday:  10;00 am -11:20am

 For information call us at 954-338-5480

Come and join our friendly social phenomenon as we create an endearing atmosphere, while we learn to harmonize our body, mind and soul. 

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We invite you to discover your human potential.
Within our humble center,we offer a tranquil sanctuary, where each student can practice meditation, qi gong, tai chi  and  life enriching programming in a friendly relaxed atmosphere . 

exist to provide individuals with the tools for living a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. We invite you to explore our life enriching programs in a contemporary setting with traditional values. Our programs emphasize
the way Zen relates to our everyday lives.
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 Our Center
Class Schedule & Location
Our  Vision

Our vision is to integrate all members of the community through the fabric of social and physical mindfulness,
the way of oneness. We nurture the vision of a lifestyle
that will enable individuals to develop and maintain both physical and mental well-being .

We aspire to help each member achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives, physical, spiritual, and communal. The establishment of common ground creates an environment where tolerance and  acceptance of self
as well as others thrives and flourishes. This allows for individual growth and development of a more cohesive, tolerant community.

We are comprised of groups of educators,students, professionals,and individuals who believe that through compassion, meditation, education, and action they can make a difference in our world.

 We are a group of dedicated individuals with a common vision:committed to peace, education, non-violent conflict resolution, kindness, personal empowerment, community activism, and sustainability.

Why join Zendo USA?

 Zendo USA  is an educational wellness center and a charitable ABS non-profit 501c3 established to facilitate the betterment of all mankind around the world.
We welcome you to come and enjoy our activities.
Balance your life,explore harmonizing your spirit and mind. Have a bit fun in a relaxing atmosphere.
Meet friendly outgoing individuals whiling learning Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation, and martial arts.  

With courtesy,
Michael Nolan, Ph.D.

About Zendo USA
Zendo USA
Phone: 954-338-5480
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Do you enjoy  living every moment to its fullest?
Do you think that the cultivation of compassion maybe more important to the world than love?
Do you believe that all  beings are inclusively equal regardless of race, gender, and culture?
Do you enjoy being  around happy people?
Would you like to be a member of a truly profound organization?

If yes, we invite you to join Zendo USA!!

Benefits of Participating In Our Programs

Tai Chi for Health:
 Easy to Learn
Calms the Mind
Reduces Stress
Emotionally Relaxing
Tones Muscles
Connects body, mind and spirit
Massages Internal Vital organs
Increases blood flow
Stimulates the lymph and synovial and, cerebrospinal fluid.

Qi Gong Heavenly Postures:  
Stimulates the12 meridians & qi flow. Increases blood flow  
Massages Internal  Organs
Improves Cardio-pulmonaryFunction
Stimulates the Nerves
Improves Vascular Function
Eases Stress and Balances Emotions
Harmonizes Yin and Yang
Stimulates lubrication of  the spine, arms, and wrist.

Zen Meditation:
 Increase your compassion.
Harmonizes the endocrine system.
Elevates your loving mood.
Greater life focus & concentration.
Energize your vitality & rejuvenation.
Harmonizes your body, mind, & spirit. Opens your soul to forgiveness.
Facilitates living in the present moment.
It is life changing.

We invite you to discover your human potential.
Please note: We are on sabbatical / holiday from June 01, 2014 – August 30, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience and look ward to serving you.