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Zen Do USA is an educational wellness center and a charitable ABS non-profit 501c3 established to facilitate the betterment of all mankind around the world.

 We welcome you to come and enjoy our activities. We invite you to discover your human potential. Within our humble center, we offer a tranquil sanctuary, where each student can practice meditation, qi gong, tai chi and life enriching programming in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.
We exist to provide individuals with the tools for living a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.
We invite you to explore our life enriching programs in a contemporary setting with traditional values. Our programs emphasize the way Zen relates to our everyday lives.
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Our Programs & Activities
Feeling Philanthropic?
An excellent enhancement to your exploration of
Qi Gong and Tai Chi. For beginner to advance level.

Highlights :
Fun and Easy to learn.
Soothing relaxing musical score.
Appropriate for children to Adults.
A wonderful exercise sequence for those seated, sitting, or wheelchair users.
Suitable for suffers of joint pain and arthritis.
Options for learning the sequence.
1.Detailed commentary for each posture.
2. Follow along instruction of each posture with musical score.
3. Enter Seven Heavenly Postures sequence with music.( 17 minutes).
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Tai Chi: Sun Style & Tai Chi For Health
Zen Meditation: Singing Bowl & Silent
Qi Gong: Seven Heavenly Posture Martial Arts: Kenpo & Chin Na

Come and join our friendly social phenomenon as we create an endearing atmosphere, while we learn to harmonize our body, mind and spirit.
What we teach ...
Are you feeling Philanthropic?

Interested in reducing your taxable income and lowering your tax bill? Then consider giving a financial charitable gift to the Zendo USA / American Buddhist Sangha Non-profit Charity.
Making the most of your contributions includes finding a charity that's right for you and understanding your charitable tax advantages . Zendo USA / American Buddhist Sangha is registered IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization / charity as of May 2006.
We would appreciate your support and it is truly and effortless way to support a charity.
In support of our Non-Profit ...
Philosophical objectives are Present Moment Clarification, and Non-violent Conflict Resolution.
Present Moment Clarification is being completely engaged and actively aware of your present endeavors: To be mindful of the moment and not to be distracted by internal / external stimuli not presently pertaining to this moment. Engulf yourself, swim in and drink of the sea of Present Moment Clarification.
Listen to people from various cultures/ philosophies / religions then you can become an awakened being.

We thank you,
Michael Nolan, Ph.D
Zen Do USA
Disabled American Veteran founded Nonprofit Charity 501c3 ABS
We invite you to discover your Human Potential.
Tai Chi - Qi Gong - Meditation
Please note: We are searching for a new facility
 in the west Broward area of Florida, for our 501c3 nonprofit. So at this time we are not offering formal classes. We look forward to our future home Fall 2015.

Intro Video

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Qi Gong - Tai Chi
Seven Heavenly Postures
Sitting Sequence
Class Schedule ...
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